Sta Rite Dura Glas Pool Pumps: Keeping your pool sparkling clean made easy!

STA Rite Dura Glas Pool Pumps

STA Rite Dura Glas Pool Pumps

While we enjoy the pleasure of diving in a pool, we cannot ignore the importance of maintaining its hygiene to avoid any waterborne disease or skin infection. Pool cleaning doesnt have to be as cumbersome as you think! Different pools have different maintenance requirements. However, the common hassle is routine care maintaining clean, clear and healthy water. No matter if you rely on professional services for installing, maintaining and replacing the cleaning equipment, you still need to know a few things to ensure your pool stays in a hygienic condition.

Revealed: Maintaining Pristine Clear Pools is easy!

The biggest challenge arises when the pool owners have to make a choice of equipment to maintain the pools. Those who are looking for a commercial grade pool pump which can deliver efficient functionality, Sta Rite Dura Glas Pool Pumps make a perfect choice. Delivering top performance in the residential swimming pools, the pump offers an ease of installation and maintenance. The pool pump reduces the maintenance time by automatically collecting the debris without clogging. It also moves large volumes of water without consuming much electricity, making it favorable equipment for you and environment both.
To eliminate any chances of propagation of bacteria, algae and other worms, one needs to take an initiative to maintain the hygiene of pool water. An automatic swimming pool cleaner comes as a blessing for the pool owners who wish to eliminate the hassle of tiresome cleaning routine.

Automatic cleaners are an investment –

At, you can find a myriad of options to cater the requirement of hassle-free pool cleaning. Engineered to precision, the Sta Rite Dura Glas Pool Pumps utilize cutting edge technology to facilitate dirt and debris free pool which prevents the growth of aquatic micro-organisms. To suit varied customer requirements, we have different options of pool supplies that match different budgets, without compromising on its quality.

Understanding the SPX1500p Strainer Cover O-Ring

HAY-SPX1500P-F14SPX1500P Strainer CoverO-Ring

The SPX1500p Strainer Cover O-Ring is a specially engineered to be used with the selected varieties of Hayward pumps and filters. It weighs 2.4 pounds and comes complete with a high quality pump lid O-ring.

A strainer Cover O-Ring is one of themost important parts of any pool equipment that basically acts as a seal to prevent the water from entering the equipment. These mechanical devices are also important for quieter and smoother operation of your pool pump or filter. It also ensures full-flow hydraulics in order to facilitate greater flow involving lower cost ofoperation.

What is an O-ring?

An O-Ring is found in almost all pool equipment like pumps, valves, heaters and filters. O-rings have the capability to seal almost thousands of pounds of pressure without getting deformed. These are designed by applying a mechanical mounting after precise calculation. The mechanical mounting of such measure introduces a predictable deformation of the O-ring, causing a mechanical stress on any surface in contact with O-ring. In such a system, the leaking occurs only when the fluid pressure exceeds the contact stress of the O-ring used.

Maintenance and Replacement

If your pool pump shows signs of leakage or is malfunctioning, a detailed observation may often lead to the conclusion that the O-Ring of the strainer cover requires replacement. A faulty O-ring in your filter or the pump may be causing leakage of air into the system, which may damage the whole equipment over the time. As soon as you see signs of leakage of water loss above ground pool, you may test the O-ring used in the equipment for any fault. Once you get the confirmation about a faulty seal, it is always recommended to replace it immediately with a new one to add more life to your pool equipment.

If you are looking for a quick replacement of strainer Cover O-Ring or are want a new SPX1500p Strainer Cover O-Ring for your Hayward pumps and filters, then visit

Everything about Pentair 3 Way PVC Valve 263028

Pentair 3 Way PVC Valve

Pentair 3 Way PVC Valve 263028

Tired of the unwanted blockages and leakages in pipelines around you? Or looking for an easy way to divert the new pipelines towards your home? If yes, your search is over. Choose the Pentair 3Way PVC Valve 263028 from Major Pool Supplies and ensure excellent flow. Easy to install and effortless to use, these Pentair actuators are perfect solution for fully automatic valve operations.

What is 3-way Valve?

A 3-way Valve is manufactured to make diverting, shut-off, or mixing application functions easy. This superior performingdiverter valve can be operated by hand or with a motorized valve actuator. It is intended to regulate (limit) water flow coming out of the valve. Pentair 3 Way PVC Valve is considered as the most reliable and long lasting 2 way valve available in the market.

Pentair – An Energy Efficiency and reliability Solution

Pentair aims to provide safe and reliable fluid as well as flow control solutions for all its valuable customers. It is a leading manufacturer and marketer of valves, actuators, and controls solutions, providing products, services and other innovations requiredfor such applications.

Highlights of Pentair 3 Way PVC Valve 263028

  • Suitable for plumbing either 2″ or 2 1/2″ PVC Pipe
  • Includes Dual O-rings, separated by a hard spacer
  • Structure includes optimum shaft sealing for dependability
  • Low temperature PVC
  • An ideal pic to work with Pentair Valve Actuators for pools with automation systems
  • Maximum body pressure 150 psi.
  • Maximum sealing pressure 35 psi.

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Sanitize your pool: Use Letro legend pool cleaner

Letro legend pool cleanerLetro Legend Pool

Keep up the attraction of your poolside home intact while ensuring 100% hygiene of your pool water. Enjoy the comfort of a constantly clean pool with little effort by using Letro legend pool cleaner. This advanced cleaner is sure to add contribution to the life of your pool. Engineered to perfection, this cleaner exhibits a perfect combination of advanced technologies with proven reliability, which enables this cleaner to facilitate the customer with proper sanitation to sustain the visual transparency of water and also to avoid the conduction of infectious diseases.
The cleaner comes equipped with front-wheel drive and treaded tires, which provide maximum traction on the inclined surfaces of the pool for overall coverage. Showcasing a four wheel design, this high-end cleaner offers smooth and consistent performance. With its large intake throat and high-capacity bag handle large debris, this cleaner scours the entire pool effortlessly. With availability in gray and white hues, you can also place it in the patio.

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Hayward ECX2712B1 Boxed Pressure Gauge

Hayward ECX2712B1 Boxed Pressure Gauge

If you have a dial gauge, seldom it becomes worn from within, as the depreciation of indicating values provokes it to drop sensitivity over time. This article will help you to choose the next dial replacement pin gauges that perfectly match with your machine that holds the dials.


The Hayward Boxed Pressure Gauge is a great invention for top quality Hayward Filters. It comes with dial replacement as well. The model ECX2712B1 is compatible with the Hayward Perflex Extended-cycle filters that includes the models such as EC65, EC65A, EC75 and EC75A. Also, it comfortably fits to the Hayward Pro-Grid Vertical series and filters.

Worthy investment:

You can purchase it stand-alone or in a bundle with a manual air relief valve for the similar system. Place an order via e-mail as the shipping weight is around a pound that makes it economical to order from aloof vendor.


Many people who are using the product have shared their positive reviews. One user has mentioned that it is an impeccable replacement part that uplifts the performance of the OEM gauge. It is difficult to find whether cartridge blockages or any other issues can really become the cause of the failure, however, the method of removing and changing the gauge is quite easy and simple and making it manageable to the customers who wish to do it at their own. If you are really concerned for the rain water collecting in and mounting up the pressure, simply drill a tiny hole at the end of the front compartment. Due to the gathering of water, the dial gauges get damaged and become useless over the time. So, it is recommended that the user should always drill in the clear area instead of the black area to compromise with the pressure.