Sta Rite Dura Glas Pool Pumps: Keeping your pool sparkling clean made easy!

STA Rite Dura Glas Pool Pumps

STA Rite Dura Glas Pool Pumps

While we enjoy the pleasure of diving in a pool, we cannot ignore the importance of maintaining its hygiene to avoid any waterborne disease or skin infection. Pool cleaning doesnt have to be as cumbersome as you think! Different pools have different maintenance requirements. However, the common hassle is routine care maintaining clean, clear and healthy water. No matter if you rely on professional services for installing, maintaining and replacing the cleaning equipment, you still need to know a few things to ensure your pool stays in a hygienic condition.

Revealed: Maintaining Pristine Clear Pools is easy!

The biggest challenge arises when the pool owners have to make a choice of equipment to maintain the pools. Those who are looking for a commercial grade pool pump which can deliver efficient functionality, Sta Rite Dura Glas Pool Pumps make a perfect choice. Delivering top performance in the residential swimming pools, the pump offers an ease of installation and maintenance. The pool pump reduces the maintenance time by automatically collecting the debris without clogging. It also moves large volumes of water without consuming much electricity, making it favorable equipment for you and environment both.
To eliminate any chances of propagation of bacteria, algae and other worms, one needs to take an initiative to maintain the hygiene of pool water. An automatic swimming pool cleaner comes as a blessing for the pool owners who wish to eliminate the hassle of tiresome cleaning routine.

Automatic cleaners are an investment –

At, you can find a myriad of options to cater the requirement of hassle-free pool cleaning. Engineered to precision, the Sta Rite Dura Glas Pool Pumps utilize cutting edge technology to facilitate dirt and debris free pool which prevents the growth of aquatic micro-organisms. To suit varied customer requirements, we have different options of pool supplies that match different budgets, without compromising on its quality.

Choosing Single-Speed Pool Pumps at Major Pool Supplies Online


Single High Pumps

Many of the swimmers and pool owners seem to be haunted by the idea of pool cleaning. Even when they are well aware of dangers involved in swimming in a dirty pool, they tend to be confused to look for the right pool maintenance equipment. This is when they are often seem looking for pool pumps that are efficient and can operate without adding burden on your pockets. There comes the single speed pool pump!

Single Speed Pool Pumps: Efficient, Affordable, and User-friendly

Least expensive and highly functional are words that best describe single speed pool pumps. These single speed pool pumps have been used over decades. These traditional pumps, once turned on, can operate on aconstant speed for quite a long time.
Single Speed pool pumps have been a part of our since their inception. Ensuring the simplest use and affordability, single speed pool pumps have been enjoying a swell in interest from customers belonging to different walks of life. Although there has been a shift of preference from single speed pool pumps to double speed pool pumps and variable speed pool pumps.

Exploring MPS as an Online Retailor for Single Speed Pumps and accessories:

All this has perhaps changed the business dynamics of pool cleaning and the costs involved in the entire process. If you are planning to explore a range of pool pumps online, then explore Major Pool Supplies as your ultimate destination.



Pool Pumps – Exploring High Head Pumps for Pool Maintenance



Swimming pools are undoubtedly a refreshing medium to ward off tiredness and fatigue, thereby experiencing an energizing zeal to charge you up! But, keeping the pools in a hygienic condition is of utmost importance and you need different types of equipment for it. Here, pumps and motors are of great importance as they help in managing water with great vigor.

Functioning of High Head Pumps

There are different pumps that can be used for managing the water flow in swimming pools and high-head pumps are engineered?to perform better that medium head pumps as they can release more volume of water. Equipped to maintain optimum liquid transfer and circulation of water, these pumps also employ the use of run capacitors that balances the variations caused due to alternation of current while working.

It also supports reduction of heat and minimizes the possibility of infections emerging in the pool. Some of these pumps also use heavy wire in the windings for curbing wastage of electricity during the heat loss phase.

Types of High Head Pumps

Different types of high-head pumps are used in swimming pools, depending upon their requirement and positioning. Many brands specialize in providing these pumps. The Jandy Zodiac SHPF1.5 230VAC 1.5HP Stealth High Head Pump, Jandy Zodiac PHPF2.0 PlusHP 2HP 230 / 115VAC Full-Rated High Head Pump, Jandy Zodiac SHPM.75 230 / 115-VAC 0.75HP High Head Stealth Pump, Jandy Zodiac PHPF1.5 Plus 230 VAC 1.5 HP Full-Rated High Head Pump and many others are available to suit your pool requirement.

Opt for a Trusted Vendor like Major Pool Supplies

A popular store that can fulfill your requirements of keeping your pool in a wonderful condition by ensuring price effectiveness and product guarantee is extremely essential while purchasing a product. Majorpoolsupplies is one such store that includes products of different brands under a single roof and offers a generous collection of almost every item that is important for keeping your pool in good health.