Understanding the SPX1500p Strainer Cover O-Ring

HAY-SPX1500P-F14SPX1500P Strainer CoverO-Ring

The SPX1500p Strainer Cover O-Ring is a specially engineered to be used with the selected varieties of Hayward pumps and filters. It weighs 2.4 pounds and comes complete with a high quality pump lid O-ring.

A strainer Cover O-Ring is one of themost important parts of any pool equipment that basically acts as a seal to prevent the water from entering the equipment. These mechanical devices are also important for quieter and smoother operation of your pool pump or filter. It also ensures full-flow hydraulics in order to facilitate greater flow involving lower cost ofoperation.

What is an O-ring?

An O-Ring is found in almost all pool equipment like pumps, valves, heaters and filters. O-rings have the capability to seal almost thousands of pounds of pressure without getting deformed. These are designed by applying a mechanical mounting after precise calculation. The mechanical mounting of such measure introduces a predictable deformation of the O-ring, causing a mechanical stress on any surface in contact with O-ring. In such a system, the leaking occurs only when the fluid pressure exceeds the contact stress of the O-ring used.

Maintenance and Replacement

If your pool pump shows signs of leakage or is malfunctioning, a detailed observation may often lead to the conclusion that the O-Ring of the strainer cover requires replacement. A faulty O-ring in your filter or the pump may be causing leakage of air into the system, which may damage the whole equipment over the time. As soon as you see signs of leakage of water loss above ground pool, you may test the O-ring used in the equipment for any fault. Once you get the confirmation about a faulty seal, it is always recommended to replace it immediately with a new one to add more life to your pool equipment.

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Choosing Single-Speed Pool Pumps at Major Pool Supplies Online


Single High Pumps

Many of the swimmers and pool owners seem to be haunted by the idea of pool cleaning. Even when they are well aware of dangers involved in swimming in a dirty pool, they tend to be confused to look for the right pool maintenance equipment. This is when they are often seem looking for pool pumps that are efficient and can operate without adding burden on your pockets. There comes the single speed pool pump!

Single Speed Pool Pumps: Efficient, Affordable, and User-friendly

Least expensive and highly functional are words that best describe single speed pool pumps. These single speed pool pumps have been used over decades. These traditional pumps, once turned on, can operate on aconstant speed for quite a long time.
Single Speed pool pumps have been a part of our since their inception. Ensuring the simplest use and affordability, single speed pool pumps have been enjoying a swell in interest from customers belonging to different walks of life. Although there has been a shift of preference from single speed pool pumps to double speed pool pumps and variable speed pool pumps.

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Benefits of Aqua Aerobics in your Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool isnt just for raft floating and sun tanning anymore. The benefits of using your pool for aquatic aerobics, a low impact exercise routine done in the water, are far reaching for long term overall heath solution. The buoyancy of your body mass in the water helps to reduce the shock impacts on your bones and joints that would normally occur when exercising or jogging in a regular non-aquatic setting. Additionally, the resistance the water provides helps to build strength, stamina and an all around good feeling. The benefits are numerous, assuming, of course, you do not have a fear of the water and you know how to swim. While there are exercises designed for individuals without any swimming experience, we’re not sure it’s a good idea to start exercising in your swimming pool with first learning some basic pool water safety lessons. These lessons are not offered in this article.

Aqua Aerobics are great no matter what your current fitness level. It helps for fat burning, weight loss, builds flexibility and strength. You might be surprised how quickly you will be shopping for a new wardrobe to fit the new you! On average, you can burn about ten calories per minute. That’s 450 calories in a 45 minute low-impact workout in your own pool! Turn on the radio and it may seem more like a resort vacation. Okay, the resort thing may be pushing it a bit.

A great way to start is to simply start “jogging” inside your swimming pool. Add in some leg kicking movements and squatting and you making it happen for yourself. As you become more confident you can start jogging in slightly deeper water as to immerse your arm underwater. The added resistance against your arms while jogging will make the workout a little more intense. Depending on your fitness level, for the kicking part of your workout you might want to lean against in inner wall of you pool and use your arms to support and balance yourself. You will, however get more out of your work out if you are not leaning against the wall for support. Please remember to breathe! Proper breathing is important as with any exercise regimen.

Some other benefits you might not have thought of

Working out in your own pool, you can wear what you want, (if anything at all). You dont have to worry about matching your gym cloths and looking good for people you don’t even know. You will not have to thinking about who might be checking you out.

After your work out you are not going to feel sweaty and muggy.

Exercise has been shown to reduce overall stress and since stress has been known to cause the signs of ageing, you might be able to retain a more youthful appearance while increasing your energy.


As with any exercise routine, you should consult with your doctor first. This article is NOT meant as a prescription or remedy to any condition.

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Other styles of aquatic workouts:

> Using the Noodle: Move your hands up and down as though you are dog paddling while you are doing “bicycling” movements with your legs. You can substitute the cycling motion with a combination of jogging and cycling. The Noodle can be used in many different workouts including the abdominals by configuring it behind you back while lifting your knees up towards you abdomen and then side to side. Where do I get a Noodle?


If you live in or near the coast line or in a high water table area including the gulf region of the U.S., Florida, Louisiana and other water retaining areas then you need to read this.

What is hydrostatic pressure?

Hydrostatic pressure is a hydraulic force caused by the build up of underground water pressure that can cause your swimming pool to pop out of the ground. A swimming pool filled with water creates enough counter pressure to offset the hydrostatic pressure pushing up under your pool so you are likely to discover the problem after you drain your pool. An empty pool does not have enough counter resistance or shear water weight to keep the pool in the ground. To understand the concept of how powerful water can become, think of a massive ship at sea being tossed around by the mere displacement of water. The hydrostatic pressure can sometimes lift just a part of the pool causing severe structural cracking and damage and other times pop the entire structure up enough to release the pressure.

Pool Pop up Problems

If you think this pool problem is rare and probably will not affect you, think again! If you are about to build a new swimming pool, remodel an existing one or are about to draining your existing pool and you live in or near the coast line or in a high water table area including the gulf region of the U.S., Florida, Louisiana and other water retaining areas then this for you. A single pop up can render the investment into your pool worthless and cause you to spend many more tens of thousands of dollars trying to repair damages. In many cases making repairs is futile or cost prohibitive making the only solution to demolish the pool and start over again.

If you have been shopping for a swimming pool contractor you might have noticed that there is a pop-up or lifting clause written into the fine print of the contract that either specifically voids the warranty or waives the contractor’s liability when the pop-up occurs. Voiding the warranty or not covering damages caused by the pool pop up is considered normal practice in the pool industry.

If you are remodeling your pool please do your research BEFORE draining your pool. If you are building a new pool, please consider installing a Hydrostatic Relieve Valve and Collection Tube to help prevent possible lifting. The valve is designed to release the pressure into the pool rather than allowing the pressure to build up under the structure. You should also consider placing a gravel rock pack around the collection tube to prevent the soil from clogging the tube. For the best results, you might want to consider placing gravel rock across a large area of the pool in both the deep and shallow ends to the water can more easily find its way to the Hydrostatic Relief Valve.